Veteran Triumph Motorcycle 1914 Triumph Motorcycle

This web page is all about a veteran motorcycle - a 1914 Triumph motorcycle, a 4hp 550cc motorcycle. It does not have a clutch or any gears and has no electric or kick starter as it was made in 1914. The 1914 Triumph Motorcycle was probably the most relaible bike available in its day. The main page about my 1914 Triumph is here - 1914 Triumph

Below is a picture of my bike. It was taken by Rory Game who is the UK's top photographer for bikes and cars, he is used by many of the well known magazines, see

1914 Triumph motorcycle

Before anyone uses this as a guide to restoring a 1914 Triumph, I should point out a few things that I know are not original:

The tank should have a red line around the main coloured panel.
The carb is a later unit.
The front sprocket is not the correct shape.
The seat is not quite right.
The saddle bags should have locks and not buckles.
Originally the pedals would have white rubber blocks with two blocks per side.
The handlebars look to be a later model H pattern.
The rear belt rim is maybe too small.
The exhaust downpipe should have a gentle curve and not an elbow bend.
The rear brake pedal and linkage is wrong.
Front mudguard should be lobster tail type.
The petrol tank should have a fuel gauge.
The engine should have a second decompressor unit mounted outside the inlet timing case - mine is blanked off.
The rear stand and carrier is not quite as per the original.
Being very picky some of the nuts and bolts are not the correct external profile.

Most 100 year old bikes will have been crashed, broken and rebuilt many times so its not surprising that probably nearly all veterans are not 100% original. If you have any other information on what is not original on my bike, then please do tell me and if you have any bits you would part with then I would be interested. My email is

I have also added pictures from the other side and front for reference.

1914 Triumph Motorcycle - Left Side

1914 Triumph Motorcycle - Right 3/4 View