1914 Triumph Motorcycle Repairs Parts Catalogue

This web page is all about a veteran motorcycle - a 1914 Triumph motorcycle, a 4hp 550cc motorcycle. It does not have a clutch or any gears and has no electric or kick starter as it was made in 1914. The 1914 Triumph Motorcycle was probably the most relaible bike available in its day.

I have created a web page about my 1914 Triumph see 1914 Triumph

Below is a copy of the 1914 Triumph Motors Repairs and Parts Catalogue





Movies of Veteran Motorcycles

I have managed to find a few old movies from Pioneer Runs from long ago.

In 1955 Gordon Little organised a Pioneer Run to Paris - all 160 miles! if it, you can see a short video here:


I have also managed to find a movie of the 1961 Pioneer run and that is here:


If you are looking for more information on veteran Triumphs then below are a list of excellent sites:



If you have a veteran era hub gear that needs attention then I am reliably informed that this is the man to talk to - http://www.motorcyclehubgears.com

If you are looking for more information on old Triumphs, then a series of excellent booklets are available via the link below:


http://veterantriumph.co.uk/ - this site are the main manufacturer of early Triumph parts and a font of all knowledge. These are THE Veteran Triumph experts.

http://www.bertpol-vintagemotorcycles.com - this is a Dutch site that also makes parts for Veterans, restores bikes and sometimes has bikes for sale.

And if you feel inspired to buy one, then I have created a page of places where you might find one for sale -


An excellent book about riding an early Triumph has been written by Noel Whittall. I have read it twice so far! You can buy it at Amazon (see below) and no doubt other places.