Veteran Motorcycle for Sale or Wanted

The idea for this veteran motorcycle for sale page is to pull a list of all of the places that you might find a veteran motorcycle for sale.

A veteran motorcycle is one made before 1915. I ride a 1914 Triumph and you can read about my experiences here -

If you are thinking of selling your veteran motorcycle then you can advertise it here for free. If you try and sell it via an auction house then you can expect to pay 15-20% of its value in fees!

Private Adverts - Veteran Motorcycle for Sale

If you have a veteran motorcyle for sale or are looking for parts/wanted then I will add your information to this web page for no charge, please send me some text and ideally pictures.
My email is

Please be aware that some dishonest people look for Wanted adverts on the internet and then contact people trying to sell them the part they are looking for. Some of these vermin may even find a picture of the part and send it to you pretending that they have it for sale. So if you are contacted, ask for numerous pictures from various angles and once you have these pictures you can use Googles Images search to search the internet and see if the images exist anywhere else and do the images owner match the person trying to sell it. As always with any internet transaction be cautious and do not part with any money until you are 100% sure. If you ever bump into any of these dishonest vermin, please give them a sound thrashing! If you receive a suspicious email then report it -

New Listings updated December 2016

Shipping something from Seattle area to UK ? if you are can I add a bit of a bike engine to you container - or Paul +44 (0) 7776 140245.

WANTED whole or part JAP DTZ engine for a project of my own also Norton Dolls head gearbox for same project - or Paul 07776 140245.

WANTED  Parts or whole gearbox (2 speed) for 1914-1923 baby-jnr triumph. Drawings (with measurements) so that I can make it are also wanted.

WANTED Fuel tap and primer tap for Triumph flat tank.  Needed  for a Model H but I believe taps from earlier models and perhaps even later models will work. I need the petcock and knobs for both. Contact:Pete Olson

WANTED FOR Triumph 1903-04 frame wanted or any other parts considered plus complete / catalogue on a Longuemare Type E Carb that fits a Triumph Jap engine -
Adrian Lockrey +44 (0) 777 3324238

WANTED FOR Triumph Ricardo - a cylinder head and any others bits you may part with. They are for a friend, so please do contact me -

FOR SALE 1909 Chater Lea with Peugeot engine £10,500
The seller - Peter Culham - Kent can be contacted via Tel/text 07771523789. Email
Numerous fine pictures below.


New Parts for SD &  Ricardo

Load compensating Nut part number 4059 €196. Part number 4047  Control trust ball cage. Part number 4051 Spring trust plate ball cage.

Control Ring Partnr 4046 and the Fixed control cam 4044 made of toolmakers steel and hardened. (part numbers from the original Triumph catalogue) €425

For these parts see -


FOR SALE 1910c Alcyon fuel tank

FOR SALE c1905 Peugeot V twin

The fuel tank and PF engine are available from

WANTED P&M 2 speed gearbox, or parts thereof, any condition for repair or as patterns for fitment to a 1904 Humber 2 3/4hp motorcycle, as pictured below.

Steve Batsford:  (++49-7635-2750).

WANTED Engine for 1915 W.E. Brough 3 ½ hp OHV flat twin as pictured below. Please contact:

1915 Brough

WANTED Fafnir 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 HP engine c1902 as below, - Jon in UK -

WANTED for 1910 Rex single - front engine plates/magneto platform/foot rests and rear brake pedal.
The engine plates look like the ones in the picture below.

Also Rex related, a 1908 or 1909 frame is wanted and as you can see from the picture below these frames were quite advanced.
The chap (John) who is looking for these bits can be contacted via his email -
If you are a fellow veteran REX owner then please do get in contact with John and say hello.

WANTED for Triumph SD 1925, the following list.

no,? The footrest frames(See attached image -1)×2, no,295 footrest rubber×2, no,290 footrest hangers ×2, The tank & frame transfers ×1set, Brooks locks for tool box(See attached image -2)×2     or no,565  asenbled lock key with tool box  ×1set, no,4063 clutch outer friction plates ×1set(I missed 4 piece), no,4064 clutch inner friction plates ×1set(I missed 4 piece), no,4065 inner end plate ×1, no,4046 clutch control ring  ×1, no,4077 clutch control lever, CLUMP for lucas king of the road bulb horn, no,497 brooks B175 saddle(with spring & frame) AND no,243 magneto control lever complete
Please contact

WANTED Javier from France is restoring a 1909 Motosacoche Type MT and is looking for the following to complete the bike:
the kickstand (picture 1), the front fork "Condor" shock absorber (picture 2), the rear brake (pictures 3 and 4) the 3 tops of the petrol/ oil tank (one with the word "Petrole", other with "Huile" and the third one "Essence" (picture 5). Javier can be contacted via -

STOLEN - 1914 "SUNBEAM" / JAP 770cc V Twin motor, Engine No 46782, see pic below. If you see it, please get in touch ASAP!

1907 Triumph For Sale -Now sold via these pages, but the pictures as still here

1909 Triumph For Sale - Now sold via these pages, but the pictures as still here

WANTED cylinder/barrel for veteran Triumph. Can you help? Please contact me

WANTED Beaded edge aluminium rim 26 x 2 1/4 40 hole Westwood profile (manufactured by Roman Rustless Rim Company). Cash or swap. Any help would be much appreciated.  Tel: 07817941967.

WANTED Primary Drive cover for a very early 1914/15 Triumph Model H - contact

WANTED  Veteran Rudge Multi, Premier, AJS, Sunbeam or similar, no single nor hub gear., 00 32 479 498700

WANTED for 1918 Rover - cylinder barrel, valve gear and timing cover, contact Tommy via

WANTED engine for Clement 1903/4 contact - Rubén via email if you can help -

WANTED. Cowey speedometer and preferably drive gears and cable to suit a mid teens bike. Ideally like the one pictured but all considered.

cowey speedo
If you can help please contact via

MOTO REVE ENGINE FOR SALE - July 2015 - The seller of this engine is not responding to emails - so it may be sold.

This engine is c1908 and the seller can be contacted via email -

moto reve engine 1908

WANTED cylinder/barrel for veteran Triumph. Can you help? Please contact me

WANTED engine for Moto Reve c1908/09 and engine for Clement 1903/4 contact - Rubén via email if you can help -

WANTED. Cowey speedometer and preferably drive gears and cable to suit a mid teens bike.
Ideally like the one pictured but all considered.
cowey speedo
If you can help please contact me at

WANTED. Indian two speed gearbox (1910-1912) and a pair of sidecar springs (circa 1912) that curl up at both ends. The gearbox is the type pictured below. If you have one then please contact

1912 Indian Gearbox1912 Indian Gearbox1912 Indian Gearbox


WANTED - Gearbox for 1913 Alldays Matchless v twin. Pictured below. This is a two bolt top fixing crossover drive 3 speed box, also wanted forks for 1907 triumph. Contact via email - here.

1913 Alldays Matchless Vtwin gearbox


1909 MOTO REVE FOR SALE - NOW SOLD via these pages

This beautiful 1909 MOTO REVE (below) was for sale in Milan, Italy. It is now sold via these pages.

Moto Reve 1909 for sale

Moto Reve 1909 for sale

Moto Reve 1909 for sale

Moto Reve 1909 for sale

Moto Reve 1909 for sale

Moto Reve 1909

Wanted - Terry VS261 valve springs for my 1927 Triumph TT, contact -

STOLEN, Rover Motor Cycle. 1917 Rover Motorcycle 500cc / 3.5hp Frame No. 43939 Engine No. 7554 (Although these might have been changed). Colour Black, Tank Colour : Black with gold & red stripes, Leather Chain, horn with no rubber. Also Stolen : Rover Bicycle 1905 Black , leather saddle and 1960's rubber pedals. Reward Offered. Please Telephone 01223 290 990 fax 01223 291 911.

1917 Rover

Late 1920's Triumph below is now sold.

Barn Find Triumph

FOR SALE 1911c Mabon Clutch complete working unit - NOW SOLD via these pages

Complete Mabon clutch in working order with everything you need to fit it. If you live in the south of England and have a veteran car then you probably know Robbie Cook as for decades he has been doing wonderful clever engineering to keep veteran cars and bikes running. A few years ago he made a batch of Mabon clutches and now he is selling the last one that until recently was fitted to his own veteran Triumph.
The pulley and plates are new and some of the other parts are refurbished original Mabon parts - the main part is stamped MABON 1911 KA
The picture below shows the whole clutch installed on a veteran Triumph. It is currently apart so you can inspect all the parts, but Robbie will be happy to reassmble it for you.


Below are all the bits that come with it. It even comes with the extended pedal you need!


Dealer Adverts - Veteran Motorcycle for Sale

If you like even older bikes, then you may be interested to read about my exploits on my 1914 4hp Triumph. I bought it in November 2011 and being a novice to such ancient machines have started to record my experiences of owning and riding it. It is quite an experience riding a bike with no gears, clutch and almost no brakes!


If you want to find out more about the Triumph T110, then I have created a web page all about them, see -

If you like bikes of this era then you should like another web page I have created. It is the story of my fathers 1953 trip around Europe on a 1950 Triumph 650 Thunderbird with his pals on a Brough Superior SS100, Triumph Tiger 100 and a couple of Sunbeams. It contains many beatiful period photographs: